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Doctors and specialists nationwide are applauding the benefits of "The Original Foot Free Pillow™"
The chiropractic community takes pride in treating patients using the holistic approach to healing.
The Original Foot Free Pillow lends itself to that philosophy.

I use the Foot Free Pillow in various ways while treating my patients. I primarily use it under their
knees to relieve pressure on the lower back. I also use it to elevate the feet to help improve circulation.
The Original Foot Free Pillow saved my life when I suffered from a terrible bout with gout in my toe.
The Foot Free Pillow kept the blankets off my throbbing toe and allowed me to get the rest I needed
for healing.

I also recommend that The Original Foot Free Pillow be used at home to help relieve the pressure and discomfort that the weight of the
blankets and sheets create, especially for those who suffer with foot and leg pain, gout, poor circulation or any other foot related ailments.
I am proud to say I use The Original Foot Free Pillow because...it works!

Dr. Dexter Williams
Chiropractic Wellness Group
Pasadena , California

"Our lab works frequently with rheumatologists and diabetic specialists who refer patients with leg complaints
leading to disordered sleep. The two most common conditions, restless legs syndrome and periodic limb
movement syndrome (which is commonly associated with fibromyalgia) have show testimonial benefits in
observed sleep studies.

Apparently, reducing contact of sheets to the sensitive skin leads to the benefit. Therefore, we are now targeting
patients with neuropathies (especially diabetic and nerve injuries) for a trial.

Your design provides a clean and simple method to protect burn injured patients who do not wish to use a large
cage apparatus to help with healing and better sleep.

Our lab now includes the Foot Free Pillow option with patients who have leg complaints and objective sleep disturbances."

Cary Fechter, M.D.
Medical Director
West Ashley Sleep Center
Charleston , SC

Actual Diabetic Customer


"I have suffered from fibromyalgia for many years. Before the doctors even knew what it was. The mere touch
of the covers on my legs and feet were sometimes excruciating. I could not get a good night's sleep. I was
always tired. Two years ago my husband got me the foot free pillow-what a difference it made. No covers
touching my trigger points! I am sleeping better now thanks to the Foot Free Pillow."


Tamara G. Nichols
Studio City, CA

"I want to thank you for recommending The Original Foot Free Pillow to me. I am so happy that I followed your advice. I have to tell you that anyone who decides to use your product has made a wise decision. As a person who has had two complete hip replacement surgeries in the last two years, I can attest to the fact that just having that little pillow at the foot of my bed has brought me tremendous comfort both during and after my convalescence, such a simple idea for a great comfort!"


Connie Gomes
Los Angeles, CA

"After being on my feet all day I suffer with swollen and aching ankles. My wife told me about The Original Foot Free Pillow and after placing it between my sheets it created this wonderful space for my feet that allowed me the freedom I needed for comfort. Thanks for such a unique product that works!"


Roger Jones
Atlanta, GA

"I bought my wife a Foot Free Pillow because she always slept with her feet out from under the covers so they didn't feel closed in. After she got hers and loved it, I decided to get one for my side of the bed as well. It's one of the best purchases we've ever made! We like to travel a lot and stay at upscale hotels and the only thing that we miss are our Foot Free Pillows. We can't wait for a portable version to take with us where ever we go."

Guy & Elaine Maeda

"My small investment in The Foot Free Pillow proved to be a good one. I would have to loosen the sheets from the corners of the bed to keep my feet from feeling restricted with tight & heavy covers. The Original Foot Free Pillow solved my problem. The Sheets can stay in tact and I have the freedom to wiggle my toes. Another plus, the pillow fits with the decor of my bedroom making it an attractive throw pillow during the day when the bed is made. Right On! Foot Free!"


David Tillman
Altadena, CA

"Bob Joyce told me about your pillow and I immediately thought of my mother. She is diabetic and has gout. She has always complained of the covers hurting her feet. I ordered one right away, it was perfect for her. Thank you so much for your ingenious imagination, it proved to be such a great gift for her precious feet."

Much love and a wish for great success...


Linda Harmon

"Dear Mr. Waters, Thank you for my Foot Free Pillow. What a wonderful product - it really works! Your Foot Free Pillow has greatly enhanced the comfort of my sleeping. When I received my Foot Free Pillow, I placed it at the foot of my bed as your picture instructions indicated. When I got in my bed to retire for the evening, I immediately felt the difference in the comfort of my feet. My feet were FREE of the weight of the blankets on my bed. My wife usually places an extra blanket on the bed during the winter and it is somewhat difficult to change sleeping position during the night. But with my Foot Free Pillow, I was able to change sleeping positions with ease and no pressure on my feet from the blankets. Your product has really added comfort to my sleeping - what a blessing! I'm going to tell my friends about the Foot Free Pillow and I know they will love it just as I do. Thanks again for such a wonderful product."

Pastor Nathan A Hood
Los Angeles

The Original Foot Free Pillow™ is extremely versatile,
experiment with it. Great for kids and pet lovers alike.

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